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X-Plore Pilates - July

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

July's session was a chilly one, even colder than the June one. 
I didn't have high hopes for people to really show up so when 3 decided to brave the cold I was extremely happy and so proud of them!

Left to Right - Yoko, Justine, Johlet and Sue.

I introduced the ladies to the Magic Circle and they had a love hate relationship with it. 

Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our lovely host Grain Food and Wood!

That's right, a free Pilates session and free water and energy/health bar = BONUS!
Well done ladies!

Hope to see you at our next X-Plore Pilates! 

30 August 2015

Bookings essential -

See how happy you guys make me for showing up!
Much love

NB Pilates Challenge - August

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hello everyone,

Last month we decided to a monthly Pilates Challenge so that everyone can join in the fun! July's competition has come and gone, but seeing as we are only in the first week of August it's not too late to start!

The winner gets a free Pilates session for you and 2 friends, all you have to do is share your photos/videos of the months moves/poses and be creative and just have fun! Remember to tag us on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag - #NBPilatesChallenge

Our July winner was Justine Nienaber! Cannot wait to teach her and her 2 friends!

Remember, stay safe and always add Pilates to your day. Because it's fun and good for you!

Much love