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X-Plore Pilates - July

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

July's session was a chilly one, even colder than the June one. 
I didn't have high hopes for people to really show up so when 3 decided to brave the cold I was extremely happy and so proud of them!

Left to Right - Yoko, Justine, Johlet and Sue.

I introduced the ladies to the Magic Circle and they had a love hate relationship with it. 

Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our lovely host Grain Food and Wood!

That's right, a free Pilates session and free water and energy/health bar = BONUS!
Well done ladies!

Hope to see you at our next X-Plore Pilates! 

30 August 2015

Bookings essential -

See how happy you guys make me for showing up!
Much love

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